A bit about me, Julie Avellino

There is so much I could say here but what I really want you to do is get to know me, without preconceived notions or assumptions.  I founded DivorceGlow LLC in 2014 and then took a lot of time trying to figure out how I wanted it to come alive. So for the past years I have come to this site and added a bit here and there while I better understood myself, my gifts, the needs of the people I was meeting and the best way to reach YOU, the reader.  The person seeking to find their glow again.

I will say I am no longer shy about explaining myself.  I have a beautiful mind, left and right brain fully engaged. And maybe that is why sometimes people have a difficult time figuring me out. My suggestion? Don’t bother trying to figure me out. Instead let’s figure out the best way I can work with you. I am a creator, a problem solver, a motivator, and mentor, and inspiration, a speaker, a strategist. I am a woman who will tell you what she sees, not what you need to hear. I will awaken your insights so that you can better yourself.

I have a corporate background, a growing real estate business, a management background, a strategy background, a coaching background, I am the social media chair of the Fairfield County chapter of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, a member of eWomenNetwork Fairfield County, a member of the National Association of Realtors.

I have all of that and if you’d like to hear it please contact me and we can talk about it. But all you need to know about me right here and right now is that I am happy you’re here. And if there is any part of your life that you think you would benefit from making better — I can help you figure out a way.



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