I meet all kinds of people. The one thing all have in common is that I can connect with them on a deeper level. I meet strangers and shake hands and leave new friends with a hug. People choose to use my skills in many different ways. Some people will engage with me to tackle personal obstacles, gain accountability and move past self-limiting fears. Sometimes I work with a business owner to identify what is holding back growth and revenue, this often is a combination of personal and business development coaching. Still others engage with me through the wellness program I am affiliated with and so our connection is personal and health focused.

Here are some testimonials to give you some insight into how I work, they cover all kinds of relationships; each unique.

Jon G Personal/Business CoachingĀ “Julie has been an absolute godsend. Struggling with carrying the constant and heavy weight of being a small business owner on my shoulders, my business ran serviceably, but not efficiently. Thankfully, I was introduced to Julie by a colleague. Julie helped me organize and streamline my business processes, which has allowed my business to grow. While her expertise was invaluable professionally, she also took the time to coach me personally and has helped me think and do things better on a daily basis. Thank you Julie!”

Tina. Personal Coaching “Thank you so much for meeting with me today. You know those moments when someone tells you exactly what you’ve needed to hear for months? You did that for me. i really wanted to process it all before I responded. …for the first time in a long time I was proud of myself today and it felt amazing-and you did that. …[know] that you have the ability to affect peoples lives this way and I will be grateful everyday. For the past few months I was there-numb ready to be done. And thought about it so often-you are the only person ive told. but today I felt a weight lifted, I saw a light, I saw a happy life. And you gave that to me. …at the end of the day-thank you for saving my spirit today!”

Tracy M. Business CoachingĀ “I love your brain!!”

Matt.D. Personal Coaching “Julie is tough. And it’s what I needed. She worked with me to develop my voice at work so that I can grow my career, voice my opinion as an expert in my field and grow from a young employee to an adult and a valued member of a tech team. She does not like excuses and is quick to call them out but she does it in a way that makes you think. Whether it’s a live conversation or over text, she got me to get to the root of issues that kept me in a cycle of limited my growth. Not only providing me with opportunities to develop my own insight but really dealing with everything from body language at work, work emails and presentations. Working with her I was able to grow my role, clearly identify what I wanted out of my work experience and make changes to get to where I needed to be. And now I love my new place of work.”

Renee B. Business Coaching “Julie was extremely helpful to me as I transitioned my business location and integrated new service offerings. She was creative, thought-provoking and helped me target a specific audience in my marketing. Since she is savvy with Facebook, she was able to educate me on management techniques for my business page. Thank you, Julie!”

C.W. Business Coaching “Julie Avellino is a business strategist extraordinaire who inspired me quickly to ‘think bigger’ and begin scaling my business.”