My Wings Were Wet

My wings were wet

I could not fly.

Weighted down by tears from the sky.

Caught in a storm

I was unprepared to weather.

Thinking, “I could get through this

If only we were together.”

My wings were wet

I could not fly.

Sitting in silence

Imagining unspoken goodbyes.

On occasion I felt the sun peek through.

And my wings began to dry with each memory of me and you.

My wings got wet

I could not fly.

I gasped for air that day you died.

Each day the sun shone a little more;

And thinking of you my wings dried brighter and stronger than ever before.

Until one day, my wings they dried

No longer wet from the tears I had cried.

I lifted myself up once more.

Higher and higher, I embraced my new view

Lifted up by the memories of me and you.


— Julie Avellino, inspired by my wet bee friend…who eventually dried off and made it on his way and dedicated to my Uncle Peter who passed away on Sunday 5/29/2016.


  1. Beautiful poem Julie, you are a talented writer! Brought back such emotions of when I lost my dad. So sorry to hear of the passing of your uncle!

  2. Love it!! You’re very talented in so many ways Julie. You’re lucky you have a lot of creative outlets 🙂

  3. This such a touching poem, and yes, it speaks to my heart. Thank You, more than words can express for this beautiful tribute to my brother .

    1. Thank you! Best compliment is always a shared post — so if you know anyone who may like my writing too please share 🙂

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