Work with Me

I have found most people like categories to help them better understand how I can work with them. However categories feel very limiting to me and I AM ALL ABOUT VERSATILITY, CREATIVITY AND SHARING MY MULTI-VALUABLE AND MULTI-POTENTIALITE SELF. (Not sure what a mulit-potentialite is? That’s cool, but basically it’s a person who, like me, has many diverse interests and excels them equally. We are at our core creative problem solvers. You can read alot about it here.)

Here’s a basic overview of how I’ll break it down:

LIVE BETTER In this category I provide coaching and consulting for your lifestyle. This might mean I work with you through a growth phase, holding you accountable, inspiring insight and guiding you through as you find your authentic voice and self. Most women feel they need this type of deep soul coaching after a long relationship has ended (hence the term DivorceGlow), when the children leave the home or when they are in between careers.

Also in this category are some of my more creative services. I can work with you to reconfigure the basic design and usage of your home to create an environment that supports the changes you are making in your life. This results in saving you time, creating a less stressful experience when coming home and can be really beneficial to working women with young children who want to be more present-minded at home rather than being distracted by the environment that undermines their self-development.

WORK BETTER Here is where my background with marketing, public relations, entrepreneur coaching and strong business acumen merge with my innate skills as a coach. Maybe your growing business is taking a toll on your homelife, perhaps you’re at a loss on how to increase sales. Together we will work through a course that allows for a strategy and tactics to be put into place that will make your experience as an entrepreneur much more enjoyable.

FEEL BETTER In this capacity I will work you one-on-one as needed coaching you through a wellness program that I love that has forever changed my life. Rooted in nutrition and the cleansing of the body of toxins those who I coach through this program often experience increased energy, weight loss and a feeling of wellness. It’s near and dear to my heart.

Want to work with me in a creative new way? I’m down for that. Contact me and let’s figure it out.