I asked for you

I asked for you.


In silent wishes on the flickering flames of my birthday candles

I asked for you.

In my first waking thoughts before I left the warmth of my bed

I asked for you.

Alone, listening to waves break in the darkness with my fingers sifting cold sand; anxious, uncertain and in need

I asked for you.


In the middle of the night wanting so badly to feel your warmth and hear your breathing, a lullaby etched in my soul, written  by God and the angels,

I asked for you.

I asked for you and all that you are.

Your energy, your insight, your undeniable beauty, your indecision, your stubbornness, your raw vulnerability, your wild side, your curiosity, your laugh, your smell, your crooked teeth, your insecurities, your loyalty.

I didn’t know it,  but each time I whispered my wish to the universe for my life to have meaning I was asking for you and all you’ll ever be.


I have asked for you.

You are perfect.

A piece of you in me and me in you.

Inseparable always.

I asked for you.

In you I will find all I will ever need.




Written with the loves of my life in mind: my daughters, my sister Amy, my sweet boyfriend, and everyone else I have unknowingly asked the universe for.  Thank you for coming to me. You are perfect.


Copyright 2016



  1. How do you write exactly how I feel when I feel it? I love ya, kid…you’re perfect.

  2. So perfect, as I sit half wishing my kids would go to bed, yet half thoroughly enjoying the very little “us” time that I have on weeknights after work. You and I are perfectly in each others’ lives through our journeys. Blessed.

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