My Facebook friend says I have what every divorced gal dreams of

I posted this on my personal page last night and got quite a response. One Facebook friend said that my was so moving I needed to share it here too. When I told her “ok but I need a title” she offered up the above, and I think it was perfect. Thank you Denise!!


Original Facebook post 10/12/16


I am a very capable woman and a mom who can can accomplish anything with her kids. A day off with my 3 kids is something I never dread. So I’m not gonna say having Jonathan Gibbons with us on a day like today is a lifesaver, because it’s not. But it’s infinitely better. He’s reading to Cara right now, because she asked for him. And he followed her around the racetrack today helping her pedal and was so proud of her when she got the hang of it and he did the corn maze and rolled them around a million times in that tube and at lunch he let them dip French fries in his milkshake and Cara fed him chicken fingers forcefully and when Cara inevitably cracked her head on the booth and cried she climbed onto his lap for hugs and today when the museum exhibit was closed and my happy kids decided that didn’t matter and they’d just roll down the hill on the grass for 40 minutes he didn’t complain. And all the while between kids handing him sweatshirts to carry and yelling and singing and laughing and bickering and then calling his name to come this way to check something out and that way to watch them jump off of something he remembers that I am there, and I am very simply his girlfriend. And he’ll smile at me, or blow a kiss from the far side of a pumpkin patch and sneak hold of my hand before the kids come and pull us apart again.

Having someone who is wholly present is really nice. And it’s not about having someone there to help survive your own life, it’s about loving your life and finding a person who can make the good days even better ?? that’s something I never experienced before and it’s pretty amazing.

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  1. This one makes me very happy for you. It’s actually what every gal, divorced or not, dreams of. So wonderful you’ve gotten to this place.

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