The Empty Box

I am lying in bed in a pair of black lace boyshorts and nothing else, listening to the neighbors smoke alarm go off for the 3rd time and watching a grave get dug in the cemetery outside my bedroom window.

It’s a beautiful sunny fall day. Lots of wind. Leaves crinkling and giving way to gusts, falling from high up in the trees while those on the ground race each other; resting only in between cool invisible bursts of energy.
The calendar square is blank for the day. And while once I may have seen that as having nothing to do, now I see the space as an invitation to create, wander, dream, and experience. The box on the calendar is empty today. And I have anything and everything to do.


  1. What a wonderful short story! All too often I find myself lying in bed with an empty calendar thinking of so many great things I want to do and accomplish then I continue to lay in bed suffering from creative paralysis or perhaps a bout of depression. So much to do so little will! Thank you for sharing your website in our Women’s Photography Group Julie it definitely raised some awareness with what I must do to get out of this funk I am in.

    1. Thank you Jill! I hope you come back and read some more when you have time. And if you are local and want to do a photo hike or trip when it warms up let me know.

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